Best Candles for New Year’s Eve

It’s that time of the year again. Actually, it’s the final part.

Guests are coming and you are ready to start the new year *woo-hoo!!*. The food is on the table, everything is tidy af, but it doesn’t look very appealing to the good-old eye, even though you have spent the last five fricken hours cleaning your little heart off, yet it looks like crap…answer: candles.

A candle on the table makes a huge difference, not only is your house going to stop smelling like onions, but it will also look more comfortable.

Here are my  5 “go-to” candles:

1. Fresh balsam by Bath and Body Works: Woodland Balsam, Crisp Eucalyptus, Fir Branches, Cedarwood.

I really liked this scent, mainly because it’s very fresh and smells like a legit Christmas Tree. I don’t know about you, but when I’m at a table, eating my all-time childhood favourite foods, I like thinking about fresh air, blue skies and all that fun stuff and this candle has it all  ;). BUT, if you would like a bit sweeter scent, the next one is just perfect.

2. Twisted peppermint by Bath and Body Works: Cool Peppermint, Sugared Snow, Vanilla Buttercream, Fresh Balsam, Hint of Musk.

This one is a little similar to “Fresh Balsam”, but it is a LOT sweeter. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s not a sickly scent and smells like a branch of fir tree full of peppermints  XD . I would recommend to bring this candle out close to dessert time, not really at the same time with steak or something, because then, your guests might have mixed feelings (?) about the food.

3. A thousand wishes by Bath and Body Works: Warm your heart with a festive blend of Sparkling Champagne, Crystal Peonies & Almond Creme.

I love this one for the New Year, mainly because of that “Sparkling champagne” which, by the way, smells amazing. You can let this candle burn in the living room and when midnight is upon you, the room will smell so festive and you’ll just have the best time of your life  🙂 .

4. Bergamot waters by Bath and Body Works: A lush blend of blue Bergamot Waters, Creamy Sandalwood and a hint of Sugared Citrus.

If you are into fresh scents, you will absolutely love this one. And if you light it next to the Christmas Tree, it’s like you’re in a Winter Wonderland. This is my personal favourite, I think it makes me feel more relaxed, which I often look for into a candle.

5. Magic in the air by Bath and Body Works: Almond flower, White Iris,  Whipped Vanilla Bourbon.

When I got this, I was SHOOK, because it smells sweet and fresh at the same time, in same portions. MINDBLOWN. I LOVE IT.

That’s it! I really hope I’ve helped you and have a fantastic New Year! Cheers, bye  ❤



Here are the links:

Fresh balsam

Twisted peppermint

Bergamot Waters

A thousand wishes

Magic in the air


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