Hello, 2017


2-0-1-7, just spelling that, makes me remember that 2 hours ago, I didn’t want 2016 to be over, just like last year I didn’t want 2015 to be over. But now I just can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us.

Resolutions, Resolutions and Resolutions

The same routine again: on New Year, you’re probably something like “OMG, #NewYearNewMe”, but things end up being exactly the same and BOOM: 2018.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve set A LOT of goals and resolutions in my life, like “I’m not going to even STEP into a Taco Bell this year. Everyday workouts, NO EXCEPTION. You know what, I’m going Vegan.”…yep. And the next day, I grow my roots on the couch, devouring a Big Mac. I’m like a wild species in its natural habitat. #HumanTrash


It’s crazy. 2014 was 3 YEARS AGO. LIKE WHAT. It’s mindblowing.

Each and every one of the years above have their own thing that made them special and I think because of that specific thing being so iconic, you don’t want it to end. You just wanna keep partyin’  šŸ˜‰

Juicy Stuff

But, on top of it all, I wish you all a SuperExtraComboMega Fansastical New Year, it all depends on you. Make the most of it. Cheers, bye ā¤



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