5 Ways To Cheat on Smoky Eyes

Hm…What’s the hardest thing to do in makeup for non-skilled individuals? Smoky Eye. Now, eyeshadows can be reaaally expensive and I bet you’re like: “Oh, HELL NO. I’m buying colored eyeliners from the drugstore.” So now you have about 284 colored eyeliners and no idea what to do with them. Here are 10 easy ways to achieve a Smoky Eye look.

1. #SmokyEyesOnFleek

Create a Smoky Eye by drawing a “#” or an “@” symbol at the outer corner of your eyes like so, then blend away. This actually BLEW my mind.

2. “V” Smoky Eye

So, I was on Tumblr when I saw this one and it’s stupid easy.

You just draw a “V” at the outer corner of your eyes and blend. God bless Tumblr.

3. Big, Smoky Eyes

Let’s say you want your eyes to look bigger. Here’s how:

 Make small eyes appear larger by drawing lines at the outer corners of your lids and up toward the brow bone.

4. Quotation Marks Smoky Eye

It’s so easy, you won’t believe it.

You just draw quotation marks at the inner corner of your eyes to create a Smoky Eye. Damn. Then just blend away.

5. Chilled Smoky Eyes

Just apply eyeliner on your eyes, especially a Cat Eye, and blend it in, along with your life issues. You can, of course, just draw a line.

And that’s it! Hope I’ve helped you and, hopefully, you will be able to achieve a Smoky Eye for a night out or whatever the occasion. Love ya! Cheers, bye ❤



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