This Valentine’s Day…

This Valentine’s Day don’t you dare cry because of a boy or a girl. No. Don’t. Seriously, stop. STOP! Good.

Why cry over stupid boys, it’s useless. Seriously, there are a ton of reasons:

  1. Mascara is way too expensive for that.
  2. Hello, PIZZA!
  3. Do you really want to be that friend that all the other ‘friends’ hate because they’re overly dramatic. No? Yeah I thought so.
  4. Love is not all about kisses and hugs, cuddles and Netflix and chill. No. You wanna Netflix and chill? Watch the Titanic and eat ice cream.

Anyways, so, happy Valentine’s Day! And if you’re forever alone, I’m right here, ready to give you the biggest hug. And chocolate..don’t forget that.

Love ya. Cheers, bye  ❤


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