This Is For Every Woman In The World.

8th of March. March 8th. The 8th day of March. Aka International Women’s Day.

Queens don’t need  kings to be queens.

Women are such a huge part of this world. God couldn’t just walk around the world in a million little parts, that’s why he created the woman. To guide everyone to what is good. To enlighten people’s ways of living.

Here, in Romania, today is also Mother’s Day. Moms absolutely slay. They are masters of multi-tasking. I mean, a mom is automatically a driver, doctor, cook, babysitter, tailor, fashion designer and so on. The list never ends.

That’s why, today I want you to go outside, but your mom the most beautiful bouquet of flowers you’ve ever seen, kiss her on the cheek, hug her, and tell her how much you love her. Today is the day. And not only. You should do this every day, there is no need for a special occasion. Moms need attention just as much as we do. Show her affection.



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