My Alter Ego

One part of me is pink. Another is pastel. And the third one is black.

My alter ego literally has no chill. It’s savage, proud,.. just flawless. And I love it.

I don’t know, I feel like I’m alone in this world, when the alter ego stage is achieved. Or, I’m not alone, but everyone around me seems..plain. That’s why I look around and try to


see through all those people’s souls: their fears, dreams, ambitions and so on.

I wouldn’t try to fit in. Actually, I would hate myself if I was regular. I don’t want my life to be basic. I don’t want to live by some rules. I want to be free. I want adventure. I want the feeling of not knowing what was gonna happen next, yet there wouldn’t be a single drop of fear inside me. I want people to know me as “the girl who knew how to live”. I want to laugh. I want prosperity. So, I would behave the way I want my life to be. Nothing could ever stand in my way. I was powerful.

I would be messy. But not a hot mess. I would express myself in totally different ways than others do. I would be creative. And,most important of it all, I would love myself.

I would live in the shadows, yet everyone knew that was my shadow. I would have my sh#t together. I would know what my priorities are.

I wouldn’t live like that to impress anyone, other than myself.






This is my alter ego. Yours?





Cheers, bye ❤



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