The Best Apple Pie.EVER.

Hey, y’all

You may not know this about me, but Tiramisu and apple pie are my favourite desserts. Mainly because they remind me of family holidays. For example, on NYE, mum always makes us a tiramisu cake which is BLOODY DELICIOUS. Ahhh, tiramisu.

Each and every single year, mine and other 2 classmates’ families go skiing. And it always is SO much fun!! We laugh in the snow and make useless snow puns, but it’s OUR thing, ya know?! This year, one of my mates’ mother made an apple pie, that was ABSOLUTELY MARVELLOUS. Of course, the second it got to me, I could not leave without the recipe, which I have successfully got  😉 So here you have it!


  • 6 eggs;
  • 2 small jars of yoghurt;
  • 2 cups of sugar;
  • 2 cups of oil
  • 2 cups of flour;
  • 2 envelopes of baking powder;
  • rum extract to taste;
  • 2 envelopes vanilla sugar;
  • vanilla extrac to taste;
  • 6 apples;


  1. Beat the sugar, eggs, vanilla sugar, rum extract til foamy.
  2. Peel the apples and chop’em up!
  3. On top of that add the yoghurt and mix, then the oil, and mix, the baking powder, mix, flour, mix and the chopped apples, and, FINALLY, mix for the last time. (that was a lot of mixing)


  • 180*C for about 45 mins;



I really do hope that you’ll give it a try and a taste and, if so, let me know what you think about it  😉

Love ya! Cheers, bye  ❤





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