My Top Pinky Lipsticks

Hey, y’all

So, I don’t really wear make-up, for the sole reason that I don’t think my face really needs it, like most girls I know. I pretty much am blessed. Also, the concept of foundation scares me. Like ya, special events, maybe. But every single day? HELL NAW. Sorry, I just don’t like putting cement on my skin  :/ ( I’m not sayin all foundations are crappy, there surely are some that get the job done nicely+ hydrate and nourish) But what’s with all this foundation rambling, when you’re here for lipstick?

I personally LOVE lipsticks. They complete any look, and I just find that sometimes it’s nice giving yourself a bit of a tint, plus they make GREAT selfie material  😉

So, without further ado, here are my top pinky lipsticks.


And, here you have my sad, sad, saaad attempt of me swatching them. Don’t you dare judge me. ( btw, I pretty much chose them for different looks, like the Pupa ones are a bit more sheer, more a softer, more natural look, and the other 2 were a bit more pigmented and more matte.)


Love ya. Cheers, bye x


Here are the links:

MAC Lipstick in B9

L’Oreal Paris Lipstick in 131

Clarins Lipstick in 04 Tropical Pink

Miss Pupa Lipstick in 101

Miss Pupa Lipstick in 402





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