My Favourite L’Oreal Products

Hey, y’all

I am sure that you’ve heard of L’Oreal products. They are absolutely amazing, they’re one of my personal faves. This is #notspons btw, these are all my personal opinions. Let me know if I should do this with other brands, I would love to.


1. Perfect/ True Match Foundation

I know I’ve mentioned this loads before, and no, I do not wear make-up whatsoever, but every now and then, a special occasion pops up, like prom or whatever, and you just find it appropriate to give yourself a glow-up. And since my skin is great, I don’t really have acne or anything like that, I find that full-coverage foundations make me look cakey for some reason. So this is perfect for me! It blends nicely, it covers anything decently, but again, not full-coverage. GREAT


2. Brow Artist- Plumper

“You have great eyebrows. Omg shook.” A lot of people have told me that (including the ‘shook’ part) It is true, me brows are full naturally, so a lot of product on them looks odd, but sometimes they look patchy, again, I don’t know why? But why this product? Well. Its brush really attracted me, since I didn’t really like using pencils. And it has great tint distribution, if you will. I feel like, whenever I put it on, it spices up the areas that need to and only that, you get me?



3. Collection Exclusive Nude Lipcolor (J. Lo)

I love this lipstick loads, because it’s pretty close to my actual lip colour, which is great, because not many shades of lipstick look good on me. I find that coral, peachy colours look best on me, or just something that resembles my actual lips.



4.  Super Liner- Duo Precision

This is just a good ol’ eyeliner, but I like the applicator, because it’s a slight tad thicker than the others, which makes it easier for me, i dunno. I’m weird like that.



5. Skin Perfection Purifying Gel Wash

I have already mentioned this in a previous post  , so. Basically, whenever I break out a tad, I wash my face with it and everything is fine again, plus it removes make-up perfectly, which is always a plus  🙂


Here are a few of my fave L’Oreal products!

Love ya. Cheers, bye x


Here are the links:

  1. Perfect/ True Match Foundation
  2. Brow Artist
  3. Lipstick
  4. Liner
  5. Gel Wash



























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