At Ease in Greece

Hey, y’all

Greece has always been my favourite place ever. Not only are its islands absolutely majestic, but also the kind, always-smiling people and the everlasting traditions make it such a welcoming country.  So, this is where I am currently spending my week, in Corfu. It is soooo beautiful, and here you have my attempt of capturing its beauty on tape, and also snippets of my trip. Enjoy!


The Ferry

We decided to drive till Corfu, so we spent the night in Thessaloniki, and the next day we got on a ferry. Well, it wasn’t that simple, because we MISSED THE FIRST FERRY AND WE HAD TO WAIT 45 MINUTES IN THE HEAT THAT SEEMED LIKE HELL TO WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE TO ARRIVE, and then spent the next 2hrs to finally get to Corfu. It was worth it, though! The views were insane, I even captured the sunrise  😉








Little Church

We found this little church while we were walking and I just had to take photos of it, it was just too cute! It looked straight out of a Pinterest board. One thing I noticed is that a lot of cats were allowed to walk wherever their little fluffy hearts desired. I remember reading an article a loooong time ago about cats, and I believe that once, in Greece, a cat smelt fire coming from a cathedral and basically saved it from destruction by calling the humans, so from then on they were sacred or something..I might be wrong, but please let me know if that is true! There were also loads of pretty flowers there..x




The City

So many people smiling in the streets, blue skies, blue water, an absolute picturesque view. It was such a nice experience, except the heat that felt like entering the gates of hell, but other than that, it was great xxx







And that’s it! Let me know if you want another post like this, since I’ve only been here for 4 days, and I’m staying for a week. I could definitely shoot more of this amazing island.

Love ya. Cheers, bye x

















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