Lack of Hype | The Cure

Hey, y’all

The weather here has got a lot worse, which means my anxiety levels automatically increase, because I start believing that just because the sky is a bit cloudy, means that I have to stay inside, which ends up with me feeling absolutely miserable that I am spending my summer inside, since there’s not much left of it ( especially with these back to school videos popping up in my little notification bar, it’s JULY, geez!! ). Yeah, so that basically cut off my source of.. hype I guess? And I wanted it back as fast as possible, so I got up, went outside, plugged in my earbuds and walked my problems away. It really did help me, I breathed fresh air, actually SAW people some people i knew, but instantly walked away, because who EVEN likes those awkward conversations with people you meet after 10 years, where you talk about how you’ve been, and their life ends up being STRAIGHT out of a movie, and there’s your life, sitting inside with a tub of ice cream WATCHING movies. And then it’s that awkward silence, where the both of you try and figure out ways to subtly walk away from the conversa-…oh i’m sorry, where were we? Yea, avoiding human interaction because I’m too socially awkward.

Anyway, listening to good music whilst walking is definitely a way to cheer yourself up. I sat down on a bench, watched the sunset and just thought about life, really. It was great.

And by life, I mean:

  • what makes me smile
  • the songs that give me goosebumps
  • ways to use my creativity

and more tbh haha  🙂

And walking helped me realise the things I was doing wrong, what I need to do, what I WANT to do, and what I enjoy doing. It got real deep real quick, which was kind of the point, I guess haha. Something about music just makes me get my mind together. I feel like this walk was most effective because I was alone, sometimes I just need to find refuge in something (cheesy af), and for me that is music. If I was surrounded by people, we would obviously discuss more topics and I would forget about my problems, which isn’t the WORST thing ever, but I don’t like running away from my issues. Music makes me feel ~at ease~ (song reference ahhh) and I mean, whenever you feel down, bring yourself up! Do something that excites you, whether it’s doodling, which I also find v effective, reading, maybe even book-writing, baking, just do it! Don’t let a day bring you down. That’s my cheesy lil’ piece of advice for you.

I really enjoy doing these chatty blog posts, even though they might be boring to read (let me know if they are though), I feel like writing  typing* my thoughts down really gets a lot of weight off my shoulders. Ha, I guess blogging is another thing I find refuge in  :p


Love ya. Cheers bye x




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