Simple Steps to Detox | The Ultimate Guide


Today we are discussing everything detox. Before we dive into it, let’s first see what ‘detox’ means:



a period when you stop taking unhealthy or harmful foods, drinks, or drugs into your body for a period of time, in order to improve your health:

So there’s that.  And what this definition claims is correct, meaning that you need to let go of ‘harmful foods’ and everything in order to be healthy, but that’s not really what a detox fully is.

So when you research your shizz on a ‘cleanse’ or ‘detox’, you usually find very techincal-complicated-medical-sounding stuff, that you are not really there for. The purpose of a ‘cleanse’ is to remove ‘unwanted’ things from your body, supposedly purify a certain organ, like your liver, or colon, and you’re just not into it for that. Maybe you don’t actually need to purify an organ, you just want to realx a bit and feel better about yourself. And cleanses usually are pretty strict, and after the few blogs I’ve read, the things they tell you to get are FULL of chemicals, which is the EXACT OPPOSITE of why you’re ‘cleansing’ yourself. Of course, not all of them are like that. In my opinion, which might be wrong, a detox is NOT a diet. Again, I am FAR off a professional on this topic, but still. If you just want to feel cleaner and more relaxed in a short period of time, without necessarily dragging yourself into a big responsibility like that, this might be the post for you. This is what I like to call, a “Multi-Detox”, because not only will it make your skin and body feel and look better, it’ll also make you FEEL better.



Step One – Drink Loads Of Water


Hydrating yourself is KEY to a healthier lifestyle, better skin and better body. Try drinking 8-12 glasses a day, and when you do, don’t just chug it in all at the same time, to get it done. You need to do tiny sips every 5 minutes, so that you don’t just wee all the water out, because that ain’t hydrating. If, for some reason, you don’t like the taste of water, I also like adding a few lemon wedges in it, it just gives it such a nice and refreshing flavour!






Step Two – Replace Sugars


Sugar is ‘sweet cocaine’, or ‘white death’, and it seems that today it is put in absolutely EVERY food item there is. Even in YOGHURT. I actually went to my local supermarket a few days ago and looked for a yoghurt with absolutely no sugar in it, and even the ones that say “100% BIO” had around 3 or 4 grams of sugar, which is CRAZY! The ONLY yoghurt in the store that I found that truly was sugar-free, was a soy one, that I had experienced before and tasted HORRIBLE. And all this rave about sugar being put in aliments started from a TV show segment I saw a couple days earlier, and it FREAKED me out! We apparently consume about 2 TONS of sugar each year! CRAZY. I thought it was straight-up BS, but I researched it, and apparently it is true. On aliments, sugar has hundreds of ‘nicknames’, whether it’s ‘Carbohydrates of which sugars’, ‘carrot extract’, ‘sugar cane extract’, it’s everywhere. A great replacement for sugar is stevia, and if you want to completely detox yourself, you might as well eat homemade foods with stevia instead of sugar.



Step Three – Exfoliate


Not only will exfoliators brush away the dead skin and will leave your skin baby-soft, they will actually also brush away toxins from your face, and you’ll just feel better in general. They’re also really fun to do  πŸ˜‰

This is my favourite exfoliator/scrub recipe, it always increases my mood and makes my skin feel very nice:

Organic Chocolate Scrub:

  • 2 tablespoons of brown sugar
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • half a teaspoon of powdered carob

You just mix them all together and slightly brush your face with it, then wash it off with some water. It’s amazing!






Step Four – Have a 30-minute Walk Every Evening


We’ve talked about this before, so you know what a walk can do, for me at least. It just helps making my mind up and sorting my thoughts out. It also is great to get out the house more often, and I recommend you go out in the evenings, especially now since it is summer, because you won’t get too hot, it will be the right amount of warm and you’re also moving your body, which is super important.

I’ve also told you that music helps a lot. Here is a tiny playlist with relaxing music that I think might also help you.

Beyonce – All Night

Troye Sivan – EASE

Lady Gaga – Artpop

The Chainsmokers – All We Know

Zed, Alessia Cara – Stay



Step Five – Sleep More!


I see you, all-nighters, taking Buzzfeed quizzes at 3 am to find out what kind of fruit you are, or what % chances you have of being an alien, or which one of Beyonce’s twins you are, I SEE YOU. Seriously though, try to go to bed before midnight, I’m still personally working on that, but my goal is to be able to fall asleep the moment I put my head on my pillow. A great hack for that is not sleeping with your electronic devices in the room, because A) They radiate you, and B) They might disturb your slumber, so yeah. Also, sleeping more is just going to obviously make you feel more hyped and stuff like that, and who doesn’t like sleeping?? I could stay in all day and sleep. It’s my favourite thing ever, after eating. Oh my god, I’m slowly turning into Garfield. You know, that ginger cat that did NOTHING but sleep and eat lasagna? ME AF. Anyway, if you are having trouble falling asleep, drink a glass of vanilla soy milk with a bit of honey in it. You’ll be set to bed in no time, it’s amazing!



Love ya. Cheers, bye x



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