Birthday Celebrations // Oh My Lord, It’s August


Today I am doing another ‘chatty’ blog post, because you seemed to enjoy the last one, so here I am!

Okay, Yes, today is my birthday, and I actually wasn’t going to do a blog post, since it wasn’t that big of a deal + I haven’t got any photos. Other than that, it really wasn’t anything that you would find special, we just got our little shananigans on and SPILLED ALLLL the tea on lame topics that caught our eye, oh well =)))). It was really nice spending quality time with quality people, although I wish that one more special person came =(( (distance, whyyyyy) , but it was still pretty amazing anyway. But now that my birthday is almost over and I’m coming back to reality again, I’m just realising that, HOLY CRAP, IT’S AUGUST. Like how? who? when? and why? The last month of summer is approaching us, which means the streets are soon going to be laced with leaves, the wind is going to sing in colours, the sky is going to mould into grey, fluffy chunks and so on, and the moment you get the “seasonal butterflies”, as I like to call the moment where you get v excited for a certain time, you remember that summer isn’t officially over, and get sad that you most probably won’t be able to go to the beach again in a few weeks’ time, and it just plants that sadness inside you, which is quickly replaced by ambition to make every second left of this month count, but this ambition is hard to maintain, since the stores are bringing the more autumnal and seasonal stuff in WAY earlier, which gives the excitement for autumn all over again, and you get through this everlasting cycle, which properly stops when summer ends. Am I the only one who gets through this each year? Like, seasons are like pets: you get attached to them real quick, and when you have to let go of them, it’s the hardest thing ever!

To be 100% honest with you, my little bubble of excitement for autumn is slowly growing bigger, I mean, I am VERY excited for all my autumn blog posts, since I have loads planned out ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway, moving forward from the drama, if you do go through what I’ve mentioned earlier, try not to stress too much, after all these 3 hot months that we’ve got are our refuge from work and stress, so stay chill ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve got soooo many things I would like to chat you through, but I really don’t know if everyone enjoys this type of blog posts, I have to say that I can get pretty rambly sometimes, so there’s that. Thank you for sticking around anyway though, means a lot xx

Love ya. Cheers, bye x



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