In A Heartbeat.


*before reading this, watch the actual short film here*

Four days ago, the internet embraced a pretty major change, which is bringing up the LGBT topic into kids’ animation for the first time, which is amazing!

The extremely talented creators, Beth + Esteban, senior Computer Animation majors at Ringling College of Art + Design, find a heart-warming way to address this personal issue many kids have today.

A closeted boy runs the risk of being outed by his own heart after it pops out of his chest to chase down the boy of his dream

The world that we live in is very hardly accepting LBGTQ+ community, which must change immediately, but on the internet, you’re accepted just the way you are, and you can also find loads of people who feel the same like you, and maybe even some who want to help you.

In the short film, the main character hides from “the boy of his dream”, embarrassed and scared of rejection, but his heart can’t take it any more and “pops out of his chest”. When the two boys meet in the school hallway, everyone stares at them judgementally, which causes the boy’s heart to break. He then runs away, but eventually the teens meet again, but my question is, what happens next? Are they and their loved ones going to embrace their sexuality, or are they going to be too overwhelmed by the judgement from them and split?? I am so confused, yet so excited! This concept should be supported by EVERYONE, whether or not they are part of the LGBT community.

Not only is this subject approached so sweetily, but also the graphics are adorable af, Imean, LOOK AT THOSE LITTLE NOSES ASDFGHJKL


To bring this project to life, you can pledge anywhere from $5 to $1000. By far, there are $14,191 pledged of $3,000 goal, which is incredible! I really do want to see this film come to life, simply because it touches a delicate topic a lot of people avoid. We can’t run away from the present, hoping that we won’t ever find it again in the future. Queer people are not a burden and must be treated equally. Just because their hearts chose to take other ways, or multiple roads, doesn’t mean they are abnormal and need to get rid of. We’re all humans, after all. It got real cheesy in here, I’m getting them sweats for real. But seriously.

Stop labeling, start living.

Love ya. Cheers, bye x



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