Greetings, Hot Weather|Summer Essentials

Hey, y’all

Holy cow, this school year has gone by faster than twitter drama. Not funny.

And, since we have reached this glorious time of the year, where we either have to hide from the death ball in the sky and stay as secure as possible in this *hot* mess of a weather (get it), or just go outside and enjoy the su-…is that what normal people do?

So today we are talking about essentials, which I’m going to show through these a e s t h e t i c a l l y  p l e a s i n g  photos. Here you go! Enjoy  😀


The Actual List:

  • Sunnies

Sunglasses are so very important, not only because they protect your eyeballs, but they also make things much easier and comfortable to look at and spice up your outfit, which is what makes them absolute essentials.



  • Sun Lotion + SPF Chapstick

This one is pretty staple, like “yeah, we get it, sun lotion, whatever.” WELL, since it’s so basic you MUST wear it, it will save yer butt later on. Also, buy SPF chapstick, since your lips are just as important as your skin. Trust me, it’s worth it.



  •  Tilted Lip Balm + Moisturising Balm

You may not believe this, but my lips actually get twice as dry and chapped in summertime as they do in wintertime. Maybe it’s because of those REALLY hot summers, where the air is always so dry, they just affect my lips. So that is also very important.


  • Bomb-ass Shower Gels

Since the weather is obviously a lot hotter, you’re probably gonna take a few more showers than usual, which means you’re gonna go through a lot of shower gels, which also means that you’re gonna smell like them for some time, so you might as well just get the best scents EVER. My personal favourites are Peony and Juniper Breeze by Bath and Body Works. Peony is just a bit more floral and sweeter and gives me the idea of roses, and then we have Juniper Breeze, which reminds me of a hot summer day underneath an apple tree. Very refreshing! Here are the key notes:

Peony: Peony Petals, Garden Rose, Sandalwood

Juniper Breeze: Juniper Leaves, Green Apple, Blue Jasmine, Fresh Woods, Dewy Musk


  • Fragrance

You obviously need a fragrance, and my personal fave is Black Opium, smells lovely!


  • Waterproof Mascara

Pool parties, eh? Naaaaah. But if that is your thing, waterproof mascara is always a priority, or just every day, when the air is especially humid.


  • A Good Blush and A Pinky Lipstick

If you want a look to look more natural, the ideal way is with bronzer, or blush in my case, since I get reaaally tan in the summer. Like literally. My skin tone gets like 847 shades darker. Not kidding.

I personally find that summertime makes lipsticks look 3 times better, but I think pinky lipsticks look the best out of all, but we all have different personal opinions.



  • Sunhats

Do we even have to say anything about this? Do you want to get insolation? No? Good, then wear a damn sunhat. Plus, they look real cute.


  • Cute and Comfortable Sandals

Our feet need a break. They need to breathe. And how do you get that to happen? Sandals. But who wants to spend a whole 7 and a half minutes putting them on? That’s why they have to be comfy and easy to slip into. Those are the ideal shoes ❤


And that’s it!

I hope that I’ve helped you with this little list, I’ve really enjoyed writing it xxx.

Love ya. Cheers, bye


Here are the links:

Sunglasses: Stradivarius (pink)

SPF Lip Balm: Piz Buin

Peony Shower Gel: B&BW

Juniper Breeze Shower Gel: B&BW

Blush: Bourjois in Rose Coupe de Foudre

Miss Pupa Lipstick in Nude Rose: PUPA

Waterproof Mascara: Lancome
























My Favourite L’Oreal Products

Hey, y’all

I am sure that you’ve heard of L’Oreal products. They are absolutely amazing, they’re one of my personal faves. This is #notspons btw, these are all my personal opinions. Let me know if I should do this with other brands, I would love to.


1. Perfect/ True Match Foundation

I know I’ve mentioned this loads before, and no, I do not wear make-up whatsoever, but every now and then, a special occasion pops up, like prom or whatever, and you just find it appropriate to give yourself a glow-up. And since my skin is great, I don’t really have acne or anything like that, I find that full-coverage foundations make me look cakey for some reason. So this is perfect for me! It blends nicely, it covers anything decently, but again, not full-coverage. GREAT


2. Brow Artist- Plumper

“You have great eyebrows. Omg shook.” A lot of people have told me that (including the ‘shook’ part) It is true, me brows are full naturally, so a lot of product on them looks odd, but sometimes they look patchy, again, I don’t know why? But why this product? Well. Its brush really attracted me, since I didn’t really like using pencils. And it has great tint distribution, if you will. I feel like, whenever I put it on, it spices up the areas that need to and only that, you get me?



3. Collection Exclusive Nude Lipcolor (J. Lo)

I love this lipstick loads, because it’s pretty close to my actual lip colour, which is great, because not many shades of lipstick look good on me. I find that coral, peachy colours look best on me, or just something that resembles my actual lips.



4.  Super Liner- Duo Precision

This is just a good ol’ eyeliner, but I like the applicator, because it’s a slight tad thicker than the others, which makes it easier for me, i dunno. I’m weird like that.



5. Skin Perfection Purifying Gel Wash

I have already mentioned this in a previous post  , so. Basically, whenever I break out a tad, I wash my face with it and everything is fine again, plus it removes make-up perfectly, which is always a plus  🙂


Here are a few of my fave L’Oreal products!

Love ya. Cheers, bye x


Here are the links:

  1. Perfect/ True Match Foundation
  2. Brow Artist
  3. Lipstick
  4. Liner
  5. Gel Wash


























My Top Pinky Lipsticks

Hey, y’all

So, I don’t really wear make-up, for the sole reason that I don’t think my face really needs it, like most girls I know. I pretty much am blessed. Also, the concept of foundation scares me. Like ya, special events, maybe. But every single day? HELL NAW. Sorry, I just don’t like putting cement on my skin  :/ ( I’m not sayin all foundations are crappy, there surely are some that get the job done nicely+ hydrate and nourish) But what’s with all this foundation rambling, when you’re here for lipstick?

I personally LOVE lipsticks. They complete any look, and I just find that sometimes it’s nice giving yourself a bit of a tint, plus they make GREAT selfie material  😉

So, without further ado, here are my top pinky lipsticks.


And, here you have my sad, sad, saaad attempt of me swatching them. Don’t you dare judge me. ( btw, I pretty much chose them for different looks, like the Pupa ones are a bit more sheer, more a softer, more natural look, and the other 2 were a bit more pigmented and more matte.)


Love ya. Cheers, bye x


Here are the links:

MAC Lipstick in B9

L’Oreal Paris Lipstick in 131

Clarins Lipstick in 04 Tropical Pink

Miss Pupa Lipstick in 101

Miss Pupa Lipstick in 402




My Favourite LUSH Products

I’mma be honest with you…I am kind of (“kind of”…no. MASSIVE, ugh-huh) a LUSH addict, I’ve been absolutely CRAVING LUSH products for the past…3-4 years? I don’t know, somewhere around that. SO, let me show you my favourites.

Bath Bombs:

1. Intergalactic:

If you want a bath bomb to make your bathtub all crazy-coloured, you will absolutely LOVE this one. It creates a FRICKEN galaxy in your bath. Also, it smells a lot like peppermint and vanilla, but it’s also fresh at the same time,which I love, because, when I’m in the bathtub, I wanna RELAX, so don’t bring me some sickly-ass scents, cause it ain’t gonna end well. So, not sickly, crazy colours. One of my faves.


2. Sex Bomb

I mean, we HAD to include this one, it’s just an all-time LUSH classic, with rose and all! If you’re feeling down about yourself, pop in the bath, take this bath bomb and you’ll come out feeling sexy, confident, savage, etc., it’s amazing! It also makes your bath go a really nice sheer, milky, lavender-pink color, which I really like. “Scintillating jasmine, clary sage and ylang ylang are powerful aphrodisiacs, and soy milk softens up your entire body.”, if that doesn’t make you think about taking a bath right now,..I DON’T EVEN KNOW. So, yep. Definitely on my “Top 5” list.

Sex Bomb

3. Big Blue

This is my actual favourite.

You may not know this about me, but I LOVE swimming. It makes me relax, it makes me feel alive, you know, juicy stuff like that. So, whenever I feel exhausted, I take this bath bomb, pop into the bath and pretend I’m swimming in the ocean with dolphins and all. I just really really enjoy the way it makes me feel when I get out the bath. Anyway, enough rambling, it makes your bathtub look like an actual ocean. Get it if you want to, don’t get it if you don’t, I don’t give a damn. That’s how much I love it.

Big Blue

4. Mistletoe

This is from the new, like “Christmas-teamed” collection, and I’M NOT EVEN KIDDING YOU RIGHT NOW, I got like 5 of these THIS MONTH. If this ain’t obsession, then I don’t know what is. It’s kind of similar to the Sex Bomb, but it has a more intense scent, which I don’t hate at all. Again, I BOUGHT 5 OF THESE.


5. Autumn Leaf

*TRUE STORY* So, I am not the best at biology, you know. Whatever. Get over it. You can’t make me understand stuff like metamorphosis, OKAY?  GOD. Anyway, so, the teacher doesn’t really love me either, so I had know..sweeten her up a little bit. So I got one of these for her and one for me, to try it. Not only did I get an A in biology, let me just tell you, this is REVOLUTIONARY. When I got out the bath, I felt all pumped up, motivated and stuff. To be honest, I don’t think it was the gift for the teacher the reason that I got an A, it was the fact that I felt so much more motivated to like, get up, and study, and I was like:”You’ve got this, girl. YOU HAVE GOT THIS. Screw all this bullsh, you won’t even need it after this, so you might as well just give 0 damns and study your best to get an A and impress the teacher. YES, QUEEN!” I’m sorry about that…am I the only one whose mind like, actually sounds like that?.. Yes? No? Whatever, in conclusion: this bath bomb is great.

Autumn Leaf

2. Bubble Bars

1. Pink Flamingo

I am not as picky with bubble bars as I am with bath bombs, it’s pretty much the scent that matters for me, and this one is really nice. PLUS, it looks adorable, sooo…

Pink Flamingo

2. Unicorn Horn

I got this recently from the “Valentine’s Day” collection and I instantly fell in love with it. Great bubbles, IT LOOKS LIKE A UNICORN HORN, soo *add to bag* and it smells very very nice. Totally perfect for a Valentine’s Day bath with the peanut butter to your jelly.

Unicorn Horn

3. Creamy Candy

This is my faveeeee!!

It’s sweet, but not like SICKLY sweet, which you know I hate, it’s just, it’s- it’s perfect. PERIOD.

Creamy Candy image

4. Yuzu and Cocoa

This smells exactly like a hot chocolate I once tried in Austria, which was with oranges and cinnamon. Very nice for the festive season, I love it.

Yuzu and Cocoa

5. Jester

This one is, again, from the new holiday collection and is perfect for Christmas. It looks cute and it’s very citrusy, which I quite like. I feel like it reminds me of a toy I used to have when I was 4, which is pretty much why I love it a lot. It also gives me the nostalgia from like taking baths with my toys and all ❤


That’s it! I obviously have more favourites, but if I did type them all, you’d probably be reading for 2 hours…Love ya! Cheers, bye ❤


Here are the links:


Sex Bomb

Big Blue


Autumn Leaf

Pink Flamingo

Unicorn Horn

Creamy Candy

Yuzu and Cocoa