Summer Lookbook 2017

Hey, y’all

A while ago I did a “Spring Lookbook” and it did really well, so I decided to make a summer/holiday version! Here you go  🙂


Outfit #1:







Outfit #2:








Outfit #3:



Love ya. Cheers, bye x





I’m wearing…


Outfit #1:

Top: LC Waikiki 

Pants: ASOS (similar)

Shoes: LC Waikiki


Outfit #2:

Tee Shirt: Bershka

Shorts: Zara (that’s where I got them, but the closest thing to them I found online is from ASOS)


Cap: H&M


Outfit #3:

Tee Shirt: H&M (that’s where I got it from, but I couldn’t find it online, so here’s something similar, also from H&M)

Shorts: LC Waikiki 

Shoes: LC Waikiki

A Summer Outfit.


Hey, y’all

June…holy mackerel. Literally half of the year has gone by, which could only mean one thing: time for boob-sweat marks, chub rubs and cheeky bikinis babbbyyy! lol

Although the humidity and heat makes summer go down a couple notches, I still effing love it! Maybe because that’s when you get to travel more, to places like Greece ( coming soon 😉 ) and more. So, I put together a summery outfit for you and you only, and here it is! Enjoy x


Love ya, Cheers, bye x


I’m wearing:

Dungarees/ Overalls: Hello Miss

Shirt: Hello Miss

Red Converse: pretty much anywhere lol

Dirty Converse & Summer Adventures

Hey, y’all

Today I was really feeling like going out and breathing in the fresh air of mother nature. So I put on my Converse, which I solely regretted since there was an actual crap-tonne of mud everywhere and every step was filled with the fear of slipping and breaking my camera, but other than that, it was pretty good. So, without any further ado, here are the photos. Enjoy:


So there you go!

It was such a nice day and I really do hope you like scrolling thru these  😀

Love ya. Cheers, bye x


I’m wearing:

Blouse: ASOS

Choker: Stradivarius ( don’t think it’s available anymore )


Missing Sunny Days favourite time of the year! Not only not going to school makes it so fascinating and brilliant, but, at the same time, it is my birthday and I get to catch up with my my friends, who I don’t really hang out much with during school, since I am so very busy. And, that means I have to look decent. Pretty much all of these products are from H&M, just because I wanted to keep it all on a budget. So here I have not one, not two, not three, but four outfits for you. Hope you enjoy them 💕

Outfit number one:


You can’t quite see, but I’m actually wearing some denim shorts :/ They were all blurry, so I decided to cut them out.20170201_203434[1].png


Outfit number 2:


Aaand, the denim shorts that I was talking about! I only have this photo for this one, because it does the job nicely, in my opinion.


Outfit number 3:



Outfit number 4:


There you go! Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this little lookbook kind of thing  🙂

Love ya. Cheers, bye ❤


Here are the clothing items:

Outfit 1:

Shirt: H&M

Shorts: H&M

Shoes: Converse All Star Red ( short )


Outfit 2:

Shirt: Pull & Bear

Shorts: H&M


Outfit 3:

Shirt: H&M

Pants: Zara


Outfit 4:

Shirt: H&M

Necklace: C&A

Shorts: H&M